Metaline Urethane Coating

West Coast Hydro offers a complete spray urethane coating service utilising MetaLine Series 700 products. We are able to service the complete life cycle of your coating, from initial surface preparation and coating to repairs and maintenance. With our extensive range of Ultra High Pressure equipment we are also able to remove a oldĀ coating quickly and easily.

We have premises with hydro and abrasive blast facilities to enable anything from partial to complete replacement if the situation dictates. Of course we also prepare and coat new equipment.

We have the flexibility to attend site with setups optimised for small localised repairs or large scale replacement; because of this we can offer value at both ends of the spectrum. We are able to remove and replace large sections of rubber with urethane in a faction of the time it would take to reline in rubber. We also are able to complete the whole process from Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting, Abrasive Blasting/Surface Preparation and final coating.

Our spray system allows us to undertake seamless repairs to complex surfaces in timeframes that will enable you to schedule maintenance that takes advantage of smaller windows of opportunity. This results in less costly downtime, but also allows maintenance to occur sooner; preventing further damage and wear to costly fixed plant or equipment.

We have access to a number of formulations that cater to most operating environments

For more information on how West Coast Hydro can help you extend the life of your equipment and plant , please contact us on 1300 854 783 or

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