MetaLine Polyurethane

MetaLine is a two part sprayable polyurethane that offers extreme protection from wear, cavitation, erosion and corrosion.  Metaline has a number of highly developed primers and pretreatments, that enable it to be placed on most substrates. Our testing has produced adhesion up to 2600 psi. On occasion projects have required the removal of Metaline with our ultra high pressure water blasting systems. Even at 43,500 psi, Metaline is extremely difficult to remove, which is testament to how well the primers perform.

We have found Metaline to perform extremely well on pump impellers. The applicators ability to spray an even coating coupled with the products low density, allows coating with little loss of balance. Contrasting colours are laid down to indicate wear/coating thickness. This allows the impeller to be balanced while maintaining minimum coating thicknesses. Furthermore machining can also be undertaken to produce an items that have OEM sizes. Impeller volutes, front and back covers and seal faces can be processed this way. This is especially useful when recycling used items that would be scrapped. Once coated and  machined they can be reused almost indefinitely. 


Experienced applicators can spray vertical thickness to any thickness without sagging. Metaline can be sprayed in almost any climactic conditions. Even in high humidity foaming will not occur, as there is no free Isocyanate to react with moisture in the atmosphere. 

MetaLine Applications

Application Videos

Our workshop is dedicated to the refurbishment and coating of your equipment, alternatively for larger projects or fixed plant maintenance we can attend your site.For more information on how MetaLine can benefit your business please contact on 1300 854 783 or