Mining Applications – Wear Resistant Coatings

Wear Resistant Coatings

Are you looking to reduce your Maintenance Budget while increasing reliability and service life? We can offer solutions that offer

  • cheaper than replacement
  • greater service life
  • reduced susceptibility to
    • corrosion
    • erosion
    • cavitation
    • chemical attack

The addition of Wear Resistant Coatings in Mining Operations allows

  • repair and maintenance of plant and equipment to be  reduced
  • refurbishment of wear items instead of replacement
  • increased service life
  • increased reliability
  • increased production

Loctite Applications

Metaline Applications


Please keep reading to see how our products can assist you in reducing your total cost of ownership.

Mining Pump Repair

You can’t produce without them, when they break down or require replacement you can bet on two things

  • production stops or slows
  • money is spent

Neither of these are avoidable, however with the right products you can increase service life and reliability, while reducing the cost of maintenance.

We can take your worn pump components and rebuild them to original manufacturers specifications, while at the same time significantly increasing resistance to

  • corrosion
  • erosion
  • cavitation
  • chemical attack

The success of any rebuilding operation rests on the initial surface preparation and machining. Unless the surface is cleaned of all salts and residues,  the subsequent repair work will ultimately fail and offer poor service life. Poor surface preparation is the leading reason that repairs fall short of expectations. To ensure successful coating all items undergo a multi step process to remove salts and contaminants.

Items are machined to allow complete wetted surface encapsulation. A continuous internal coating is a necessary step to ensure that the coating is not undermined. Coating operations that finish at seal areas or have joints agains the flow often encourage delamination. Patch only repairs, while fine in an emergency repair operation are not recommended where service life extension is the primary goal.

With  Machining and Surface Preparation complete, repair work can begin.

Missing material is either replaced with a composite metal or ceramic repair product. If sections are large then stainless mesh can be used to provide strength and act as a guide for the repair. The mesh acts in the same manner as reinforcing bar in concrete, increasing strength and impact resistance.

Now that the internal structure is rebuild, the protective coating is applied in suitable thickness to achieve your service life objectives.

Parts then undergo final machining to enable assembly and to ensure tight tolerances to maximise efficiency.

Urethane or ceramic? Which is the better product? We use both coating systems for the simple reason that each has its own benefits and must be matched to the intended application for maximum benefit. As we offer both solutions,  you can be certain that we are only interested in offering the product that is best suited for your circumstances.

Example: Grundfos S Submersible

A local WA mineral sands mine was having to replace the wet end components after only 12 weeks of operation. The pumps were running in a acidic environment of roughly ph 3 with a high loading of very fine slimes. A set of 4 pumps (one standby) were providing process water for the wet concentrator plant. Wet end rebuilds were costing the client around 35K which equated to 2.9k per week running costs per pump, or 8.7K for the set of three.

With the high concentration of fine slimes we opted to coat the pumps in MetaLine 785. We have been able to repair and reuse all wet end components in our rebuilds. This has reduced the cost of Wet end rebuilds to around 21K. Cost to apply a 4-6mm urethane coating is 14K. Total rebuild price 35K.

In this case the client is able to obtain a fully lined pump with rebuilt components for less than same price as new unlined factory components that only last 12 weeks.

Lined pumps offer a service life in excess of 12 months. This reduces the operating cost per pump to $670-00 per week from $2900-00. With 3 pumps in service that is a saving of $6690-00 per week, or a staggering $347,880-00 per year.

With savings like these available can you afford not to have us involved in your next repair? Call us on 1300 854 783 or to discuss your options.