Auto Blast Systems

We are continually investing in systems to improve production and safety within our organisation. The use of Auto Blasting Systems achieves both by removing the operator from the blast zone/exposure to UHP water and by providing continual repeatable blasting rates while being able to utilise the full output of the pump unit.

We have systems that attach to surface via mechanical, magnetic or vacuum attachment, utilising pre-existing generic support frames, or if your circumstances dictate we can produce a custom unit to suit.

By using an auto system we are also able to reduce mobilisation costs for remote sites, or compress time frames for shutdown/breakdown services. Both of these allow you to reduce costs and downtime.

While many projects will require manual blasting due to the constraints within vessels or due to selective removal criteria, it is our policy to use an automated system whenever possible to maximise safety for our blast operators.

For more information on how an Auto Blast System can improve safety and production on your next project contact us on 1300 854 783 or

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