UHP Pump Units

All of us at West Coast Hydro have a passion for our Hammelmann pump units. They are an incredible piece of equipment that typifies German engineering excellence. They are well engineered, constructed and when maintained correctly offer exceeding reliability and performance. We wouldn’t look anywhere else for our Ultra High Pressure Pumps.

All our Hammelmann pumps feature conversion kits to enable site based pressure/flow changes to allow dis-similar tasks to be completed by a single unit. This coupled with extreme reliability provides a firm foundation for operations in remote locations all too often found in a state as vast as Western Australia.

Our larger pumps are all housed in purpose built shipping containers to enable easy mobilisation to various locations. All units are equipped with tools and suitable equipment to undertake a wide range of tasks. We carry a comprehensive range of consumable spares to ensure continued operation in remote locations.

We currently have 2 Hammelmann HDP 234 pumps with 43,500 psi plunger kits. These units can run 3 guns for manual blasting or a single auto blast unit. They provide a good balance between performance/scope/cost for most UHP blast operations.

In the 2015/16 financial year we will be adding a larger pump set to further expand our operations into large tank cleaning/hydro demolition projects.