Concrete Scarifying

The use of High Pressure Water has been proven throughout Europe and America to offer a significant advantage in the remediation of concrete structures. High Pressure Water up to 20,000psi is an efficient way of remove concrete without damaging the structural integrity of the reinforcing or remaining concrete. Mechanical removal methods are characterised by increased cracking and fracture in the remaining concrete, with limited ability to reuse or incorporate existing reinforcing bar into the new pour.

The removal of soluble salts from the concrete/ reinforcing matrix through the use of hydro demolition lays down a solid base for remedial works, and as the process occurs during demolition project timelines and be compressed without sacrificing efficiency or quality.

Safety advances can be made through the suppression of dust and the removal of operators from vibrations common with manual demolition.

We currently have suitable equipment and pump units to undertake scarifying and localised concrete demolition. We are planning to add a larger pump unit to our fleet in 2016/17. This addition will enable us to undertake large scale Hydro Demolition projects.

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